About pickup campers

A camper is an extension that can be attached to the body of a pickup truck, offering various amenities for comfortable travel. With features like sleeping areas, kitchen and dining spaces, water supply, heating, and lighting, a camper together with a pickup truck becomes a comfortable mobile home. The interior of the camper is designed in the style of an expedition cabin, providing a unique and adventurous experience.

Installing and removing the camper is an easy process, and can be done even by one person. The special mounting frame used for a strong connection with the pickup truck body is attached with 6 bolts, allowing for quick and easy removal of the camper in just 30-40 minutes.

The camper expands the functionality of the car, serving as an assistant and utilitarian pickup truck in everyday life. However, during vacations and travel, it transforms into a comfortable off-road motorhome, making it the perfect solution for adventurous souls who want to explore the great outdoors.

Two types of camper

Our range includes several types of campers: with a lifting roof and with a solid roof. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the key differences, this will help you make your choice.
Maintaining off-road capabilities
Reduced fuel consumption
Extra storage capacity
Comfortable handling
Noise insulation

Choose a camper for your pickup truck

Our range includes campers for all types of modern pickups. Campers differ in the size and type of roof. The technical equipment for all types of campers is the same. Below you can choose a camper for your car.
Choose a car and a roof type to match the camper to the size:
Car brand
Car model
Camper roof type
Choose a car and a roof type to match the camper to the size

Popular questions of our clients

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What is the weight of the camper?
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Is special preparation of the car required before installing the camper?
What's inside the camper?
How many beds are there in the camper

Our services


We provide delivery services for our products to your desired address, taking care of the entire organization process. In addition, if needed, we offer the option of picking up your vehicle for camper installation and delivery back to you.


We provide a 1-year factory warranty for all of our products. Within this period, we are dedicated to assisting you in resolving any issues that may arise regarding our products.

Individual approach

We take an individual approach to each client, providing assistance in selecting and creating a unique solution that caters to your specific needs and desires.

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